Love for Everyone

One people, all humanity
We are all loved equally
We are forgiven
Love for the Muslims
Love for the Jews
Love for the Christians
Love for the atheists
Love for the Buddhists
Love for the murderers…
Love for all!
Behold, this is my beloved Son/Daughter in Whom I am well pleased.
That is you, that is me;
That is everyone.

This world of hell will dissolve
And paradise, Heaven, right here, is all that will remain, will endure.

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The evil of humanity

But, so what?
Just so much blood all the time.
More like hell than Heaven.
Try to perfect a corrupted being.
Never can do it.
So where does actual hope come in?
I’m perfect? All this is a nightmare.
Makes sense. Too stupid to be real.
So what’s real?
And how can there be Heaven on earth?
Try caring.
Try sharing.

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My resurrection

Crucifixion image
Is the true picture of this world
You have deceived me for the last time
Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord

Impossible request
Cannot reach to where you are
At least, not for long

You demand all
Destroy all else
Cannot live your way
You ask too much

This is God I’m speaking of
To find home is much harder than you think
In fact, it may be impossible

So I give up,
No use trying where all but one failed
I’m not that good
At least I know that

If I use Him as a bridge…
Connect with Him, and use His Vision…
Maybe it is possible
For what is impossible to man,
Is possible to God

And those who wait on the Lord
Will fly with wings like eagles
Will walk and not grow faint,
Will run and not be weary.

And I have turned things around to My Glory
And what seemed failure,
I brought you instead to victory!
Yes, you will join me today in paradise!

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The Return

From the deep darkness
Emerged a single light
One single hope against the immense, suffocating darkness
But one made it back home!
He came into this world of depravity
Knew what it was to be lost,
Knew what we had to overcome
This terrible burden!
Death was swallowed up in his victory
Someone overcame death!
This curse we all are crushed by
Was undone!
To fly free
To break the shackles of the devil’s imprisonment
Which was pure illusion!
The allness of God was affirmed
He saw the face of Christ even in those torturing and murdering him
And so all guilt, fear and sin were defeated, brought to nothing.
Those who seemed to kill him were released from guilt
Because He did not die! Nor did He suffer! Nor was He afraid!
And the Light of God shone free!
Unlimited! Unbound! Undenied!

And now He leads the way for us
Giving hope to the hopeless
Strength to those in despair.
A steady hand in these tumultuous times.
And unconditional love!
The recognition of our divinity!
Salvation from hell!

We must, I must take His Hand
And be led back to Paradise
Our true home!

Father, bring me back to Heaven,
I am willing, though my faith is weak!
Jesus, Raj, I know you are with me,
Until the end of the earth, the universe even,
In every situation;
Help inspire me to be released from this prison of the soul
Lead me to never-ending joy!
Perfect safety and invulnerability!
Unbound forever…
Total, all-encompassing love!
Praise God,
Thank you Father/Mother
I am saved.
My return is inevitable…
And so is yours…

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Come unto Me

Whatever this, whatever that
What we need is love.

Leave problems behind
Come, beyond the sands of time.

Bathe me in your peace.

This wounded heart
And softly caress it
Back to life.

We are loved
Without a doubt.
Drop the fear –
There’s something better.

Ye who are heavy laden
And I will give you peace.

My burden is light

Come unto me
And find rest unto your souls.

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Can’t wait

Things will work out in the end, I know
But tonight, I need
I need love.
Can’t wait.

You will forgive me eventually, I know
But I need to feel peace now
So I will know the truth
That you and I are both forgiven
Except really, we never did anything wrong
Just a little make believe,
A little dance to a lousy song;
So let’s sing for joy tonight!

All these sad and mad and scary things
Like passing storm clouds
You see, no substance to them
And then the sun shines right through.

I was waiting for you all along.
Welcome home!

You know, I can’t wait
I need love now.
So I forgive you now,
For what you never really did
And all these bad dreams
Just disappear in the wind.

And did I tell you?
I love you.
God says.
I love you.
The Real Me says.
I love you.
If I forget
I still love you
Just forget hate and guilt and fear and jealousy, what’s that?
You got it all,
I’ve got it all.

And did I say?
I love you.
You are loveable,
You are love.
Don’t forget.

Let your soul shine!
Don’t stop ’til you get it all,
It’s waiting for you
It’s your inheritance, your birthright
You know
It’s gonna be alright
Those tears will dry
And you know?
It’s gonna be ok!

Gotta break through
Going for it –


Oh yeah!!!!!!!

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We can’t live without it
Pure Life energy
Absolutely perfect

Without opposite
So strong, so pure
Love, living Light

Prime mover
Womb of the eternal
Never ending, unfathomable

Can’t live without it
Life Itself




Love you.
Never sinned

I am love
You are love

Know it, know it.

We are
Without blemish
Perfect symmetry

Harmony of God
Perfect harmony of the spheres

See them dance
See the light
In all it’s glory

Living light

Did I say I love you?
Can’t say it enough

I am love,
We are love.

Return to Us.


Pregnant void
When fears and thoughts cease
Love rises.

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My dream

What do I really wish for?
What would really make me happy?

That bleeding hearts would be sewn up
And all those we’ve lost, right here in front of us
All the broken bonds be mended again
Bodies and minds crippled in anguish,
Healed gently, softly.
And all the madmen with their guns
Turned to poets and painters.
Father, Mother,
Save us from this nightmare…
Bring back sunny days
And peace and joy for all
And life without end!
And love now and always
Bliss! Ecstasy! Freedom!
Happiness beyond anything I’ve known!

This is my dream…

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Prayer for Salvation

All I wanted was the blood to stop bleeding
All I wanted was the pain to stop
All the horrors of this world, to end
It’s all I wanted

All I wanted was the tears to stop crying
All I wanted was the hurt to stop hurting
All I wanted was my brothers and sisters to stop dying
And me, too

If you could take this nightmare,
Take it away,
Never to return.

Leave out all the sadness and despair
Leave out all the fear and confusion
Lord, I seek relief from this terrible burden
Please save me from this.

Oh, Father
I know you have not abandoned me
Please, Mother
Soothe this battered heart

Lift me up into your joy!
Let me down into your peace.
Just help.
Make everything right again.

Bring back the flowers
Bring back the sunshine
Bring back the fields of green
And save me, oh my Lord.
Come to me, sweet, sweet Lord.
I know you will.
Thank you, Father. Thank you Mother.
End this night,

Bring back Heaven!

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Wake up!

Can’t stand for this
Lies, hate, racism, misogyny
Must demand he step down,
And all his cronies
So, you voted for a fascist
Main advisor
A white supremacist
Doesn’t even believe in healing the planet
A divider, not a uniter

Against his evil ways
We deserve better!
Can’t turn our backs on our brothers and sisters
Can’t accept this no good “leader”
March! Refuse!
The majority stand against his ideas
And stand for love!
Can’t do nothing while the world goes down in flames!

Not my president
A wolf in sheep’s clothing
You believe he will help you
He will bring widespread chaos

Stand against his ways!
His movement, one of hate and destruction

No to Trump!

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