A New World

Are you ready for a change?
Spread the wealth to everyone
Health care for all,
Hell, turn the hospitals into apartments ’cause no ones gonna be sick no more!
A meal and a roof for all
Stop the shit!
Time to make this right
Try love, stop hating your brother
We’re waiting for you to come back
It’s really Heaven,
Thy Will be done,
On Earth,
As it is in Heaven,
So earth becomes Heaven,
And hell on earth no more!
Put away the guns
And bring out the love, the natural ecstasy
Life can be fun
Not meant for sorrow after sorrow
What about joy after joy?
Bring on the good stuff!
I’m ready!
How ’bout you?

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IMG_0064Something good is waiting for us.
Something really good.
God is reaching out to us.
We will be delivered back home.
We will be healed, our wounds disappearing in joy and bliss.
It is coming.
Love is here.
We are waiting for you.
A paradise beyond your wildest dreams.
Not separated from your loves anymore.
We are together. We are not apart.
A healing is waiting for us.
It won’t be long.
No more heartache, no more sorrow.
We are in touch. We are not apart.
We are One.
Much joy and ecstasy divine await!

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Not Today

Dangerously close to the edge
Flying at top speed,
Racing towards your death

Miracle shines
Breaks the attraction to death,
For a moment,
Enough to let in hope

There will be no death,
Not today
I will not allow it

Swimmers caught in an undertow
Trapped beyond reach

Not today, she declares
Movement to support, save life begins…
A chain is made,
Brave, capable swimmers follow the chain
All are saved

The determination for life,
The decision for life was made
And many joined to support it

There would be no tragedy today, no sir

We stand
Against the empty moment,
The empty scene
Satan, you will be defeated!

Tragedy is not God’s Will,
Nor mine

Join us in the movement for Life
There are no tears or wails of despair here
We live, we live, always
Cannot be defeated
Our leader,
The one who overcame death and forgave all
Love only, only love
We must persist…

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Comfort for Those in Mourning

Above the noise and chaos
Is pure serenity
Beyond the sadness and despair
Is a never ending Heart
There we are together still
And always shall be

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The cry from the depths echoes out across the open sky
Live! Live again!
Deliver me from this abyss!

Diving down,
Going down,
Losing e n e r g y

Falling down

At the bottom of the abyss I found…


Rise from your bondage
Toss the chains away like child’s play
Leave this hell of the soul behind forever
Never to return!
End of the most epic quest,
Spanning millennia
For the primordial hOMe
The Light of the Divine
Embrace of love, take me home tonight!

And find all it Is
What is it, Father?
What is this, really, Father?
Abandon your prison
The door is open…
I have sent legions of angels to assist you, my Son, my Daughter;
You will find what you seek!
The return of love, of Oneness
Total …!
Unbreakable Spirit!
Immortal Self!
Falling of barriers
Let others in
Let your light shine…
And see the Light He has placed in them, that they Are and you Are too!
God is All
All is God

You are accepted.
We are here for you.
Ask us for help anytime!
One in line with God is undefeatable!
Is fulfilled! In joy! In peace! In ecstasy…
Let this awakening occur! Touch everyone!
No one is left out! No one is abandoned!
Once you pass this threshold…
You will fly!
Let your spirit soar!

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Total Holiness

Have you ever wondered, what it would be like if all relationships were holy?
No judgment, no fear, no hate, no defence or a need for one.
Just unblocked love and Being?
The power! Total oneness and love!
Infinite Being.
Total peace and total power. Not over something, just pure Life. Pure Love.
A total absence of sorrow.
The Presence of All.
No boundaries. No specialness. No one left out. No one higher or lower.
Just equal, total, Joy. Relief! Endless, unspeakable love!

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Love for Everyone

One people, all humanity
We are all loved equally
We are forgiven
Love for the Muslims
Love for the Jews
Love for the Christians
Love for the atheists
Love for the Buddhists
Love for the murderers…
Love for all!
Behold, this is my beloved Son/Daughter in Whom I am well pleased.
That is you, that is me;
That is everyone.

This world of hell will dissolve
And paradise, Heaven, right here, is all that will remain, will endure.

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The evil of humanity

But, so what?
Just so much blood all the time.
More like hell than Heaven.
Try to perfect a corrupted being.
Never can do it.
So where does actual hope come in?
I’m perfect? All this is a nightmare.
Makes sense. Too stupid to be real.
So what’s real?
And how can there be Heaven on earth?
Try caring.
Try sharing.

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My resurrection

Crucifixion image
Is the true picture of this world
You have deceived me for the last time
Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord

Impossible request
Cannot reach to where you are
At least, not for long

You demand all
Destroy all else
Cannot live your way
You ask too much

This is God I’m speaking of
To find home is much harder than you think
In fact, it may be impossible

So I give up,
No use trying where all but one failed
I’m not that good
At least I know that

If I use Him as a bridge…
Connect with Him, and use His Vision…
Maybe it is possible
For what is impossible to man,
Is possible to God

And those who wait on the Lord
Will fly with wings like eagles
Will walk and not grow faint,
Will run and not be weary.

And I have turned things around to My Glory
And what seemed failure,
I brought you instead to victory!
Yes, you will join me today in paradise!

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The Return

From the deep darkness
Emerged a single light
One single hope against the immense, suffocating darkness
But one made it back home!
He came into this world of depravity
Knew what it was to be lost,
Knew what we had to overcome
This terrible burden!
Death was swallowed up in his victory
Someone overcame death!
This curse we all are crushed by
Was undone!
To fly free
To break the shackles of the devil’s imprisonment
Which was pure illusion!
The allness of God was affirmed
He saw the face of Christ even in those torturing and murdering him
And so all guilt, fear and sin were defeated, brought to nothing.
Those who seemed to kill him were released from guilt
Because He did not die! Nor did He suffer! Nor was He afraid!
And the Light of God shone free!
Unlimited! Unbound! Undenied!

And now He leads the way for us
Giving hope to the hopeless
Strength to those in despair.
A steady hand in these tumultuous times.
And unconditional love!
The recognition of our divinity!
Salvation from hell!

We must, I must take His Hand
And be led back to Paradise
Our true home!

Father, bring me back to Heaven,
I am willing, though my faith is weak!
Jesus, Raj, I know you are with me,
Until the end of the earth, the universe even,
In every situation;
Help inspire me to be released from this prison of the soul
Lead me to never-ending joy!
Perfect safety and invulnerability!
Unbound forever…
Total, all-encompassing love!
Praise God,
Thank you Father/Mother
I am saved.
My return is inevitable…
And so is yours…

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