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The Embrace of Love

in the silence soothing tones arise there is healing here. the woman nurtures, cares for, supports, accepts. the Spirit is female it yields to the Father it resonates with Love. It only knows peace, it judges not cares not for … Continue reading

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God’s love is like one great Tribe but He excludes no one

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The light within

Part I codes written inside music liberating healing a ray of light, my strength a gentle touch upon the shoulder this is sacred ground my life, my day may you find light this day He walks beside me… so long … Continue reading

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I will overcome

“The miracle looks on devastation and reminds the mind that what it sees is false.” (ACIM)

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This is a poem I wrote after listening to a trance-like Pink Floyd DVD. God is not nothing, but He is no-thing. A lack of ego allows God to shine through. Denying that we think the ego is something is … Continue reading

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