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Lost beneath solid rock A precious diamond shines bright The dark and dense concrete smothers the light But one day It will shine clear again Can I see beyond this veil? Can I find you beneath the rubble Of a … Continue reading

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Freedom Is At Hand

In a world that has it’s good moments… but too many bad moments sometimes you gotta wonder what the hell is the matter, anyway? there’s some bad shit around! an inner voice says, turn back toward the altar! the altar? … Continue reading

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So simple

Just feel It’s really not that hard Just know, right now That all is forgiven. Reach out for the hand that heals and touch the face of God.

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Hope again!

You search and you look look for light amongst the shadows sometimes it seems so dark and the attraction to darkness is strong and the deeper you go into the night the more you need inspiration lift me up, lift … Continue reading

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There is no world

The only answer that makes sense to the question of suffering, guilt, evil and punishment is found in the realization that this world is a nightmare in the mind of the sleeping Son of God, that the Son is safe … Continue reading

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Alchemy of the Holy Spirit: The arrogance of the ego and it's undoing

it thinks it knows it knows nothing. with many flourishes it proclaims self it’s self is worthless. do you know what you are? “my self is nothing, my Self is all.” you believe you are the home of evil, darkness … Continue reading

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Peace at last

it is not something that needs to be praised it is not something that craves specialness it is grace in action it is a gentle, peaceful presence. I found it in you but it is in everyone and everything too. … Continue reading

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I need do nothing

This came after my last ACIM meeting and its mention of “A Beautiful Mind”, the movie, and how John Nash still saw his hallucinations but didn’t “go there” or invest them with reality, and a conversation with Jennifer McSween about … Continue reading

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Give Way to the Truth

A man thought he was broken He cursed others and God and ultimately himself He walked blind blind to the love that surrounded him everywhere he might look drowned by his own delusions thought he knew right but thank God … Continue reading

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Kindness created me kind

“…Happy is your Grace, That can translate the stubbornness of fortune Into so quiet and so sweet a style.” (Shakespeare, As You Like It, II.i.18-20)

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