From the mists emerges a new day…

In a fog most of my days
And then…a ray of sunshine pierces the night
From the depths which I feared, so many nightmares,
Beneath the debris,
A Light

Shine away these blues.
A beacon in the night
Guide my way
Light the way back home.

Emerging from beyond the chaos and confusion
A mighty ship of souls
Come to take me home,
To greener shores
And milk of paradise!

Tunnel down
Lift up
Climb the spiral staircase to the sky
Orbs of pure love
Resonant harmony

Incredible love
In all, is all
Vibrant colours
Beautiful nature
Green, flowers,
Flowing waterfalls and rivers
Quiet stream, peace
A Zen garden, immaculate
Perfect symmetry,
Incredible beauty

The heart sings…at last,
Free at last


Fly free,
Grounded in peace and love
All encompassing love.

We don’t know this,
Can only dream of it

One day

We will know it, be it.

Free at last.

It beckons, it calls…

Wanting to emerge into your life…

And bless you infinitely…into eternity…
Safe in the arms of love,
At last,
At last.


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