Not Today

Dangerously close to the edge
Flying at top speed,
Racing towards your death

Miracle shines
Breaks the attraction to death,
For a moment,
Enough to let in hope

There will be no death,
Not today
I will not allow it

Swimmers caught in an undertow
Trapped beyond reach

Not today, she declares
Movement to support, save life begins…
A chain is made,
Brave, capable swimmers follow the chain
All are saved

The determination for life,
The decision for life was made
And many joined to support it

There would be no tragedy today, no sir

We stand
Against the empty moment,
The empty scene
Satan, you will be defeated!

Tragedy is not God’s Will,
Nor mine

Join us in the movement for Life
There are no tears or wails of despair here
We live, we live, always
Cannot be defeated
Our leader,
The one who overcame death and forgave all
Love only, only love
We must persist…

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