The cry from the depths echoes out across the open sky
Live! Live again!
Deliver me from this abyss!

Diving down,
Going down,
Losing e n e r g y

Falling down

At the bottom of the abyss I found…


Rise from your bondage
Toss the chains away like child’s play
Leave this hell of the soul behind forever
Never to return!
End of the most epic quest,
Spanning millennia
For the primordial hOMe
The Light of the Divine
Embrace of love, take me home tonight!

And find all it Is
What is it, Father?
What is this, really, Father?
Abandon your prison
The door is open…
I have sent legions of angels to assist you, my Son, my Daughter;
You will find what you seek!
The return of love, of Oneness
Total …!
Unbreakable Spirit!
Immortal Self!
Falling of barriers
Let others in
Let your light shine…
And see the Light He has placed in them, that they Are and you Are too!
God is All
All is God

You are accepted.
We are here for you.
Ask us for help anytime!
One in line with God is undefeatable!
Is fulfilled! In joy! In peace! In ecstasy…
Let this awakening occur! Touch everyone!
No one is left out! No one is abandoned!
Once you pass this threshold…
You will fly!
Let your spirit soar!

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