My resurrection

Crucifixion image
Is the true picture of this world
You have deceived me for the last time
Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord

Impossible request
Cannot reach to where you are
At least, not for long

You demand all
Destroy all else
Cannot live your way
You ask too much

This is God I’m speaking of
To find home is much harder than you think
In fact, it may be impossible

So I give up,
No use trying where all but one failed
I’m not that good
At least I know that

If I use Him as a bridge…
Connect with Him, and use His Vision…
Maybe it is possible
For what is impossible to man,
Is possible to God

And those who wait on the Lord
Will fly with wings like eagles
Will walk and not grow faint,
Will run and not be weary.

And I have turned things around to My Glory
And what seemed failure,
I brought you instead to victory!
Yes, you will join me today in paradise!

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