The Return

From the deep darkness
Emerged a single light
One single hope against the immense, suffocating darkness
But one made it back home!
He came into this world of depravity
Knew what it was to be lost,
Knew what we had to overcome
This terrible burden!
Death was swallowed up in his victory
Someone overcame death!
This curse we all are crushed by
Was undone!
To fly free
To break the shackles of the devil’s imprisonment
Which was pure illusion!
The allness of God was affirmed
He saw the face of Christ even in those torturing and murdering him
And so all guilt, fear and sin were defeated, brought to nothing.
Those who seemed to kill him were released from guilt
Because He did not die! Nor did He suffer! Nor was He afraid!
And the Light of God shone free!
Unlimited! Unbound! Undenied!

And now He leads the way for us
Giving hope to the hopeless
Strength to those in despair.
A steady hand in these tumultuous times.
And unconditional love!
The recognition of our divinity!
Salvation from hell!

We must, I must take His Hand
And be led back to Paradise
Our true home!

Father, bring me back to Heaven,
I am willing, though my faith is weak!
Jesus, Raj, I know you are with me,
Until the end of the earth, the universe even,
In every situation;
Help inspire me to be released from this prison of the soul
Lead me to never-ending joy!
Perfect safety and invulnerability!
Unbound forever…
Total, all-encompassing love!
Praise God,
Thank you Father/Mother
I am saved.
My return is inevitable…
And so is yours…

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