Can’t wait

Things will work out in the end, I know
But tonight, I need
I need love.
Can’t wait.

You will forgive me eventually, I know
But I need to feel peace now
So I will know the truth
That you and I are both forgiven
Except really, we never did anything wrong
Just a little make believe,
A little dance to a lousy song;
So let’s sing for joy tonight!

All these sad and mad and scary things
Like passing storm clouds
You see, no substance to them
And then the sun shines right through.

I was waiting for you all along.
Welcome home!

You know, I can’t wait
I need love now.
So I forgive you now,
For what you never really did
And all these bad dreams
Just disappear in the wind.

And did I tell you?
I love you.
God says.
I love you.
The Real Me says.
I love you.
If I forget
I still love you
Just forget hate and guilt and fear and jealousy, what’s that?
You got it all,
I’ve got it all.

And did I say?
I love you.
You are loveable,
You are love.
Don’t forget.

Let your soul shine!
Don’t stop ’til you get it all,
It’s waiting for you
It’s your inheritance, your birthright
You know
It’s gonna be alright
Those tears will dry
And you know?
It’s gonna be ok!

Gotta break through
Going for it –


Oh yeah!!!!!!!

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