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Above the world

what is this? An empty void for no reason sucking on emptiness rise up over this wasteland take a trip above this shit it’s really a big nothing the world as we know it – garbage The interactions between humans … Continue reading

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His Love

The drum beats louder The shaman awakes…

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Love & Inspiration

why not look at the darkness? If you’re frightened, and you probably are, you may wish to step back; why not step back and let Him lead the way? He knows, and you do have the freedom of how to … Continue reading

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Alchemy of the Holy Spirit: The arrogance of the ego and it's undoing

it thinks it knows it knows nothing. with many flourishes it proclaims self it’s self is worthless. do you know what you are? “my self is nothing, my Self is all.” you believe you are the home of evil, darkness … Continue reading

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