The end of death

The near certainty of death
A firm belief almost unshakeable
The body will decay
And you will be placed in the funeral pyre
Or others’ memory of you will be

But what if there was another way…?

Seems unlikely, I’ll admit
Odds seem heavily against you.

One did make it.

Question is, will we follow Him
Or just climb slowly into a coffin?

That’s what we’re all doing.
It’s the way of things.
It’s natural.

What’s natural about it???

Not sure if I will follow.
Not sure I won’t.
But somewhere I’ll have to get off the fence.
Is kidney disease enough?
Why bother
The grave is so inviting…
Let me just rest…
Wake the hell up!
You don’t really have a choice,
Can’t really die,
Except you do choose your experience
Why rot and suffer?
Why not thrive,
Have sex,
Have fun,
Blow your mind
Get well
Live it up
Find something really good
Find someone to love

Or just fade away…
Blackest hell!
Begone, satan!
Return to the nothing from which you came!
And I will return home!
Awaken from this nightmare!
Awaken to eternal paradise – on earth, or wherever! Everywhere!

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From the mists emerges a new day…

In a fog most of my days
And then…a ray of sunshine pierces the night
From the depths which I feared, so many nightmares,
Beneath the debris,
A Light

Shine away these blues.
A beacon in the night
Guide my way
Light the way back home.

Emerging from beyond the chaos and confusion
A mighty ship of souls
Come to take me home,
To greener shores
And milk of paradise!

Tunnel down
Lift up
Climb the spiral staircase to the sky
Orbs of pure love
Resonant harmony

Incredible love
In all, is all
Vibrant colours
Beautiful nature
Green, flowers,
Flowing waterfalls and rivers
Quiet stream, peace
A Zen garden, immaculate
Perfect symmetry,
Incredible beauty

The heart sings…at last,
Free at last


Fly free,
Grounded in peace and love
All encompassing love.

We don’t know this,
Can only dream of it

One day

We will know it, be it.

Free at last.

It beckons, it calls…

Wanting to emerge into your life…

And bless you infinitely…into eternity…
Safe in the arms of love,
At last,
At last.


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One – the love that couldn’t die

What I want to know
Is how love doesn’t die.
This is what I must know.

Isn’t it simple?
There has to be a better way.
All this love can’t be lost! I won’t accept it!
But it isn’t lost…but where is it?
Where can we be found together again?
I love you, it’s simple.
This must be.
I will always love you.
You can’t take that away from me.
But I need to be with you.
In touch.
In love.
There can be no loss in Heaven.
This is Heaven.
We are together.
We are – one?
All of us?
In touch.
In love.
As one…
Love didn’t die, doesn’t die.
You must know love is forever,
You must know,
Know it, it is forever.
Is it true, Father?
Yes, my Son.
We are all together.
We are all

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Are you there?

I’m here.


[birds flapping wings]



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A New World

Are you ready for a change?
Spread the wealth to everyone
Health care for all,
Hell, turn the hospitals into apartments ’cause no ones gonna be sick no more!
A meal and a roof for all
Stop the shit!
Time to make this right
Try love, stop hating your brother
We’re waiting for you to come back
It’s really Heaven,
Thy Will be done,
On Earth,
As it is in Heaven,
So earth becomes Heaven,
And hell on earth no more!
Put away the guns
And bring out the love, the natural ecstasy
Life can be fun
Not meant for sorrow after sorrow
What about joy after joy?
Bring on the good stuff!
I’m ready!
How ’bout you?

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IMG_0064Something good is waiting for us.
Something really good.
God is reaching out to us.
We will be delivered back home.
We will be healed, our wounds disappearing in joy and bliss.
It is coming.
Love is here.
We are waiting for you.
A paradise beyond your wildest dreams.
Not separated from your loves anymore.
We are together. We are not apart.
A healing is waiting for us.
It won’t be long.
No more heartache, no more sorrow.
We are in touch. We are not apart.
We are One.
Much joy and ecstasy divine await!

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Not Today

Dangerously close to the edge
Flying at top speed,
Racing towards your death

Miracle shines
Breaks the attraction to death,
For a moment,
Enough to let in hope

There will be no death,
Not today
I will not allow it

Swimmers caught in an undertow
Trapped beyond reach

Not today, she declares
Movement to support, save life begins…
A chain is made,
Brave, capable swimmers follow the chain
All are saved

The determination for life,
The decision for life was made
And many joined to support it

There would be no tragedy today, no sir

We stand
Against the empty moment,
The empty scene
Satan, you will be defeated!

Tragedy is not God’s Will,
Nor mine

Join us in the movement for Life
There are no tears or wails of despair here
We live, we live, always
Cannot be defeated
Our leader,
The one who overcame death and forgave all
Love only, only love
We must persist…

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Comfort for Those in Mourning

Above the noise and chaos
Is pure serenity
Beyond the sadness and despair
Is a never ending Heart
There we are together still
And always shall be

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The cry from the depths echoes out across the open sky
Live! Live again!
Deliver me from this abyss!

Diving down,
Going down,
Losing e n e r g y

Falling down

At the bottom of the abyss I found…


Rise from your bondage
Toss the chains away like child’s play
Leave this hell of the soul behind forever
Never to return!
End of the most epic quest,
Spanning millennia
For the primordial hOMe
The Light of the Divine
Embrace of love, take me home tonight!

And find all it Is
What is it, Father?
What is this, really, Father?
Abandon your prison
The door is open…
I have sent legions of angels to assist you, my Son, my Daughter;
You will find what you seek!
The return of love, of Oneness
Total …!
Unbreakable Spirit!
Immortal Self!
Falling of barriers
Let others in
Let your light shine…
And see the Light He has placed in them, that they Are and you Are too!
God is All
All is God

You are accepted.
We are here for you.
Ask us for help anytime!
One in line with God is undefeatable!
Is fulfilled! In joy! In peace! In ecstasy…
Let this awakening occur! Touch everyone!
No one is left out! No one is abandoned!
Once you pass this threshold…
You will fly!
Let your spirit soar!

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Total Holiness

Have you ever wondered, what it would be like if all relationships were holy?
No judgment, no fear, no hate, no defence or a need for one.
Just unblocked love and Being?
The power! Total oneness and love!
Infinite Being.
Total peace and total power. Not over something, just pure Life. Pure Love.
A total absence of sorrow.
The Presence of All.
No boundaries. No specialness. No one left out. No one higher or lower.
Just equal, total, Joy. Relief! Endless, unspeakable love!

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