Lost beneath solid rock
A precious diamond shines bright
The dark and dense concrete smothers the light
But one day
It will shine clear again

Can I see beyond this veil?
Can I find you beneath the rubble
Of a once promising life?

My soul cries out in this dreary night
It cries to you,
Oh sweet one beyond the darkness
I need to see your light again,
I need to feel your love!

So, shine
Let me see your true colours
Let me see your beauty, your love, your joy
I know there is more!

Don’t give up
Until you find your precious birthright
And you shall find

Don’t stop
Until you’ve found it!
The life of your dreams
And so much more…

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The eternal summer

I came
I saw
I grieved
But then I was relieved

Tell me,
When will the good days come
And never leave?
Summer nights
Magic times
Where love was in the air
But sometimes I find
I look to the hills,
Where comes my help!

On the hill of Calvary
One was unmoved by the darkness
And stayed firm in the light.
And now He calls me to return
To Eden.
There are no angels with flaming swords
Blocking the entrance;
The path has been made smooth.
Of the cup of Life
For you are eternal!

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The snow falls soft upon the ground.
Another buried under this earth.
When, O, when will this gruesome tide be stemmed?
Death calls again.
But Life calls stronger.

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Hope for a new day

Is there a way?
Where everyone’s safe forever
And nobody’s dying anymore.

It’s time.
It’s time for a revolution,
A radical change.

We need hope.
Is there any reason for hope?
How can we stop this?
Sometimes it seems impossible!
So you throw your hands to the sky
And put your head down,
And just cry.

Lost warrior,
Lift your head
Life is eternal
And He will show the way!

Everything intact
Just the way you know it,
And even more, more deeply than you have known it,
More sparkling, more love, more light!

Father, Mother God,
Bring back what we have lost
And much, much more!

I will trust you.

Life cannot die!

Rise from your grave!
Shine away the darkness forever!

Bring back Heaven
Without a doubt.

It is inevitable.
Lets bring it a little closer.


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the lie of aging…the truth of living!

Tell me,
The you who’s 78 or 46 or 64 or 90 or 115
Is it not still the you that was 8 and 14 and 19 and 28 and 32?
Don’t you still want to explore, live like it was the beginning,
Just setting out into the world?
Not one foot in the grave and
What else can you expect!

Aging is a lie!
Death to decay and disease!
Live it up like it’s the first time!
Don’t just say,
“I’m too tired to live.”

Our birthright isn’t eating shit
Barely getting by
Dreams long forgotten…
Fuck that!
Time to break out!
Got no time for death and depression
Want to find new life,
Something or someone to actually care about!
Bring me mountainfulls of joy!
Bring me laughter from the tips of my toes to infinite skies!
Harmony and peace and fun and orgasms…
Heal it all!
Happiness forever!

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True love (a volunteer’s credo)

True love is being a friend when you know the person could be doing better
But they’re not,
And you travel with them just the same…
You’re patient, sometimes you lose your patience,
Sometimes you have to take a break or say no,
But when they call again, you pick up the phone,
You go see them, you drive them somewhere,
Just to know, they’re not alone,
And they’re so scared! And feel so lost!
But just a friend being there, not judging them, listening,
Maybe helping them to laugh, Means the world to them…
And you are blessed too! You are not alone either!
And the love you give them touches you as you give it,
And the world is a step closer to being the beautiful paradise we all wish and know it could be!

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The end of death

The near certainty of death
A firm belief almost unshakeable
The body will decay
And you will be placed in the funeral pyre
Or others’ memory of you will be

But what if there was another way…?

Seems unlikely, I’ll admit
Odds seem heavily against you.

One did make it.

Question is, will we follow Him
Or just climb slowly into a coffin?

That’s what we’re all doing.
It’s the way of things.
It’s natural.

What’s natural about it???

Not sure if I will follow.
Not sure I won’t.
But somewhere I’ll have to get off the fence.
Is kidney disease enough?
Why bother
The grave is so inviting…
Let me just rest…
Wake the hell up!
You don’t really have a choice,
Can’t really die,
Except you do choose your experience
Why rot and suffer?
Why not thrive,
Have sex,
Have fun,
Blow your mind
Get well
Live it up
Find something really good
Find someone to love

Or just fade away…
Blackest hell!
Begone, satan!
Return to the nothing from which you came!
And I will return home!
Awaken from this nightmare!
Awaken to eternal paradise – on earth, or wherever! Everywhere!

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From the mists emerges a new day…

In a fog most of my days
And then…a ray of sunshine pierces the night
From the depths which I feared, so many nightmares,
Beneath the debris,
A Light

Shine away these blues.
A beacon in the night
Guide my way
Light the way back home.

Emerging from beyond the chaos and confusion
A mighty ship of souls
Come to take me home,
To greener shores
And milk of paradise!

Tunnel down
Lift up
Climb the spiral staircase to the sky
Orbs of pure love
Resonant harmony

Incredible love
In all, is all
Vibrant colours
Beautiful nature
Green, flowers,
Flowing waterfalls and rivers
Quiet stream, peace
A Zen garden, immaculate
Perfect symmetry,
Incredible beauty

The heart sings…at last,
Free at last


Fly free,
Grounded in peace and love
All encompassing love.

We don’t know this,
Can only dream of it

One day

We will know it, be it.

Free at last.

It beckons, it calls…

Wanting to emerge into your life…

And bless you infinitely…into eternity…
Safe in the arms of love,
At last,
At last.


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One – the love that couldn’t die

What I want to know
Is how love doesn’t die.
This is what I must know.

Isn’t it simple?
There has to be a better way.
All this love can’t be lost! I won’t accept it!
But it isn’t lost…but where is it?
Where can we be found together again?
I love you, it’s simple.
This must be.
I will always love you.
You can’t take that away from me.
But I need to be with you.
In touch.
In love.
There can be no loss in Heaven.
This is Heaven.
We are together.
We are – one?
All of us?
In touch.
In love.
As one…
Love didn’t die, doesn’t die.
You must know love is forever,
You must know,
Know it, it is forever.
Is it true, Father?
Yes, my Son.
We are all together.
We are all

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Are you there?

I’m here.


[birds flapping wings]



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